Combined experience of a tightly-knit efficient team of crafts-people.


Our B2B handicraft offer is directed to the professional stove mason.

Heater ceramics

Special clays and glazes, finally fired at high temperatures.


We offer many different facing ceramics for our slim heater.

Ceramic molds

A core activity we have some experience in. Talk to us.


Creativity, precision - have a look at our B2B design offer.

B2B choice of products

Ceramics with extraordinary shapes

When building ceramics for professional heater masons, we are known for networking as a true passion. 

We understand creative professionals as customers and very valuable partners. Friendly cooperation allows us to shape their customer projects as a team, driving our professional spirit.

We are proud being connected locally as well as internationally. Without friends from abroad we would be distant from challenges we love.

Our next shows

Showroom by appointment only –

please give us a call.

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Our core activities

our service

Your benefits

Best-in-class stove ceramics

Cooperation with professional stove masons generates individual ceramic shapes and solutions, whether of geometry, color and surface.


round benefits of outstanding design, the ceramic facing being produced in our own ceramic workshop in Lower Austria. Small, though individually.

Ceramic molds

Ceramic molds and cutting stencils are part of our production scheme. Ronthal Ceramics is offering these special tools to their professional customers.

Sketches turn into reality

Design is kond of core activity at Ronthal. We have a look at artwork and technical details simultaneously when developing your personal project. Give us a call.